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Today I start a 30 day challenge with Write Yourself Alive! I am so very excited about this.

Here is day 1 #writeyourselfalive

What young girl didn’t have a diary that we guarded with our lives!? I never really lost that love for the written word as I found it extremely therapeutic. Many times I’ve written letters that never got mailed or given to who I addressed it to. I found once I wrote out what I needed to say, I was done. Nothing further needed to be said about it.

My oldest daughter and I were having lunch about 2 years ago and she stopped me mid story to ask me why I wasn’t writing all this out and sharing my stories. I had never heard of blogging before this. Well, that was the prompting I needed I guess. I have been sharing my stories and insights for about 2 years now. I really thought no one would want to hear them but quite the opposite it true! When I receive a comment on how my experience has touched someone, I am so proud that I took that leap of faith to let others know they are not alone. While I write for me, I am beyond happy others relate.

If I couldn’t write, I would share songs that do my talking for me. So many times if I am lost for words, I send a song that speaks for me.

After writing this list below, I am so please to see I am learning that it’s ok to grow. It’s ok to fill my needs first. I spent a lot of years not understanding this a being miserable. The direct relation of my unfulfillment to my accomplishments is that I know understand it is ok to set personal boundaries and self-love is necessary in order to take care of the ones I love. I couldn’t write regrets. I don’t have any. I truly believe that everything that has happened has brought me to the place I am today. Those were all lessons, not regrets.

1. That I didn’t trust myself sooner.
2. All those times I told my children to just wait.
3. I chose to make so many others happy and forgot about myself.
4. I didn’t enjoy school when I had the opportunity too.
5. I let others validate me and my work.
6. I didn’t hug my kids often enough.
7. Believing I could change another by just loving them enough.
8. Not seeing the beauty in the things that were/are right in front of me.


1. I took a leap of faith and started my blog.
2. I discovered I am not a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday working kind of girl. I am taking steps to embrace this.
3. I watched my oldest get on a plane to England to chase her dreams and my heart swelled with pride!
4. I am able to ask for what I need.
5. I am open to hearing what others have to offer without having to agree to their beliefs.
6. I am a great mom!

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