Wanted: A Lazy Day to Rejuvenate

The other night my friend and I sat on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck to rescue us. We had an evening of riding planned but didn’t make it too far out of the city when she put her signal light on and pulled over into the meridian. Her bike was acting up and didn’t want to run correctly.

That was the end of our planned ride.

She apologized over and over and thanked me for staying with her. Of course, I was going to stay with her! What kind of friend would leave someone stranded on the side of the road! We ended up waiting for a little over an hour for help, but the one thing I remember saying is “when was the last time you were handed a free hour to do absolutely nothing?” Granted we didn’t have a say on the place, but it was still an hour we were somewhat stuck.

That hour was better than our original plan if you ask me. We laughed at the silliest things. We talked about whatever popped into our heads. We just enjoyed the time we had. It was precisely what was needed for me at that particular time. My schedule had been a little crazy up to that point, and I felt like all I was doing was running here, there, and everywhere. So an hour on the side of a major highway with a good friend was precisely what my brain needed.

All too often we get caught up in life’s happenings and soon we are looking at a full calendar with little time to do nothing. If your schedule is anything like mine, you are trying to squeeze in more activities than you have time for. How many times have we caught ourselves asking for more time in the day?

Lazy days are needed to rejuvenate not only our minds but our bodies and spirits as well. It costs nothing to have a lazy day, hunker down on the couch with a good book and don’t move. Or maybe a walk to nowhere is what is calling your name. You can’t get lost if you don’t have a destination in mind and roaming might have you finding new treasures in your neighbourhood.

I often spend my summer evenings in the saddle of my motorcycle but there are times when putting on my gear seems like a chore. As much as I enjoy the ‘me time’ that riding gives me, it does take some planning on my part to get on the road. There are days when I would like to say no thank you to plans made and just veg on my couch.

Doing nothing is not as easy as it sounds. It takes some practice to turn off that nagging little voice in our heads that tell us we should be doing something, anything! There are dishes on the counter, laundry that needs to be put in, maybe a visit with a friend we haven’t seen in a while, what should I make for dinner are all ideas that run through my head when I settle in for a lazy day. Getting over that guilty feeling of doing nothing in a world that demands we continuously go, go, go can be difficult.

Permit yourself to tell those nagging thoughts to hush. We all deserve time to unwind and revitalize. Lazy needs to not be a negative connotation in our vocabulary.

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