Sunday – aka Online Dating Day

Sunday is online dating day. Its the day I set aside to check the sites I have a profile on. It is also referred to as Palm-to-Forehead day. Or WTF was I thinking day.

Maybe I’m just old fashion, but the way to get a ladies attention is not “hey sexy eyes” or the ever so popular wink wink. If you are or ever have online dated, you know exactly what I am talking about. When he’s too nervous (aka stupid) to start a conversation with you, he’ll send you a wink wink. It really is the equivalent of some creepy stalker dude givin you the ole nod of the head and ‘how you doin’. Guys ITS CREEPY and we really don’t like it. It is not a compliment at ALL!

I’m not the first to tell men this. There is advice plastered all over the internet on this very subject. But then again, I guess they would have to read the advice. They barely read the profile you painstakenly spend hours making just right! Online dating is the modern day mail order bride magazine! I can only imagine some of these men flipping thru with a big ole hunk of meat in one hand and picking out his next date. Ok, that gave me shivers!

And don’t even get me started on the pictures they choose to post of themselves! Ok, get me started… WTF!!?? You know your phone can flip the camera, right? And guys, we like to see eyes. Take off the damn sunglasses! The bathroom selfies are not a seller either. And another thing… if your picture looks like the mugshot you took at the booking of your last arrest, DON’T USE IT! Please PLEASE look at the fuckin picture before you post it. TRY and see it thru our eyes. Ok never mind, get any female in your life, a neighbor, a stranger if you have too, to look at it. If her face looks slightly contorted, maybe chose a different one.

But this seems to be the way to meet your next potential heart throb. Wives look at you funny when you are chattin up their husbands in the grocery store (oops, my bad). So I’ve taken the quantity to get to quality stand on online dating. I sort thru the profiles, picking out potentials (nope, nope, nope, nope, maybe, nope, nope…). When I stop on one I think might be interesting, under interest he has thoughtful put ‘ask me my interests’.

REALLY?? I thought that’s why the site asked you? Correct me if I am wrong, but in the space they ask for your interests, shouldn’t you list your interests?

But I am determined to see if this works. So Sundays remain Online Dating Day…

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