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I have a friend from twitter that I have been following for some time now. He’s a quiet kind of guy with some deep insights. He frequently leaves me a message on my blogs and I enjoy his wisdom. He sends me a smile when I need one. I love going through his TL to find some hidden treasures. He is a photographer and his pictures says things that some people’s words never will. I also discovered that he has another hidden talent. Writing. He sent me this the other day. I don’t think he shares this much with the outside world so I was and am always very honored when he shares his words with me. He says he has a simple mind but a complicated soul… I tend to disagree on the first part of that statement, but I’ll go along with it. The funny thing with twitter is you ‘meet’ people that you will never actually meet in real life, but they touch your soul none the less.

So my friend, thank you for sharing and thank you for allowing me to share it as well. I hope that his words puts a smile on your face like it did mine.

Lessons I Have Learned – by Sumguy

Life is too short for Bad Coffee, Bad Whiskey or Bad Friends

Never Whittle towards yourself or Pee into the Wind

Always Trust your Dogs Judgment

Buy the best you can afford

If the music is good DANCE

You are only as good as you give

Teach a man to fish… or give him MASTERCARD

You can not change your Past – but you can make a better future

Pain Fades – Chicks dig scars

The BEST reward for anything is a true smile

its NOT about what is in it for you

You don’t get out alive

Life is not about a destination … its the journey

If you are Feeling Sad – Hug a Dog

If you love someone be happy for them unconditionally

Winter Driving – slow down, you will get there faster

Off Road Driving – When in doubt …. stem it out

if you get stuck in 4 wheel drive your screwed

If you work HARD and sweat lots – nothing tastes as good as a cold BEER

If you don’t like what you cooked…ADD Bacon

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  1. shayne
    December 2

    You honour me than I deserve my friend

    thankyou very much HUG

    • December 2

      Nope. This is just a friend being a friend. Thank YOU my friend

  2. Jenean
    December 3

    Nailed it. True words of wisdom

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