An Open Letter to Companies that don’t Call Job Candidates Back

Dear Companies That Don’t Call Candidates Back,

As someone who is currently looking for employment, I find it very disheartening to make it to the interview stage but to never hear from the potential employer again. I can understand that these posting are highly competitive and not everyone will be offered the position, but if you have called someone in for an interview, I feel the least you can offer them is an explanation on why they weren’t offered the job.

Now I understand that we are all very busy but a common courtesy call to explain that a stronger candidate has been chosen is just good manners. I have been in the position of hiring for competitive rolls and have always ensured that I followed up with the unsuccessful candidates.

It has been suggested that up to 70% of companies do not call unsuccessful candidates back. Some candidates, like myself, are eager to find out why we didn’t make the cut so we can improve our interview skills if necessary or work on other areas that you could be providing feedback on. I am not suggesting that you spend more than 5 minutes letting someone know why they didn’t get the job, but a couple of minutes out of your day would be greatly appreciated.

I find the companies that do take the time to call back to report that someone else was offered the position are companies I was sincerely hoping to get hired on with. They genuinely care about the people working for them. They value that you took the time to ready your resume, did your research on their company and was fully involved in the interview process. These are also companies that I would go out of my way to do business with in the future.

I have also been told by potential employers that they would contact me to let me know either way, never to hear from them again. This is even worse. If you have told someone that you will contact them either way, please know that I am trusting you with your word. And if you don’t follow up, after promising you would, how do you expect me to trust you enough to bring you my business?

I am not suggesting that you contact all that applied for the position, only the ones that you have invited in for an interview. What I am suggesting is that a call back to let the candidate know they were unsuccessful in landing that dream job you offered is a matter of respect.


One Frustrated Candidate

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