Go Ahead, Hit That Block Button


Oh WOW… I’ve been blocked. I must be doing something right.

On social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook (the 2 I use most frequently) there is the button you can push that will block someone’s content from showing up in your time line, your newsfeed if you will. I have used it many times myself. It is a great little feature that allows you to place someone on ignore.

There are many tweets about how folks wish there was a block button in real life. Because as I have said before, social media is not really real life. You can hid behind a keyboard and either pretend your life is perfect (what tweeters think of Facebook folks) or you can spew your venom (yes, twitter has lots of those) or you can hide behind an avi (that little picture that can be anything you want on Twitter and many other sites). The point is, social media is what you make it. It’s yours to do with what you will. You can present any side of yourself. I am not judging. I actually don’t care who you want to be. My point is, social media sites, which ever you choose (and there are lots to choose from) allow you to escape your real life for many. And many do just that. I do just that at times.

Facebook is usually all the happy people. The people that are posting their smiling families, their latest accomplishments, their happy thoughts, their ‘nice’ side. Not too often on my NF (newsfeed) do I see the same kinda of things I see on Twitter. There is very little swearing on FB (Facebook). There are very few dark thoughts. There is very little unhappy things happening over in facebookland. It’s actually a going theme on Twitter. There are many tweets about how happy everyone is over on FB, or that so and so needs your prayers, or the weather updates (not quite sure why people do this exactly). There are pics of the last family holiday. Pics of happy smiling families. Pics of happy people. Or inspirational memes meant to make you happy.

The people I follow on Twitter…. Well not so much of the happy joyful inspirational types of things I see on FB. On my TL (time line) you will find a lot of swearing, a lot of unhappy thoughts, a lot of dark emotions, a lot of reference to sex, drugs and rock n roll (oh yes, I went there). There are people battling depression. There are those bitchin about their marriages or SO. There are some that are determined to inject pics of lady parts that, even after I have informed my followers I have all those parts, I don’t need to actually see them up close and personal, insist on doing so (that was meant to be funny, if I’m offended, I just block them). There are bored house wives, lonely married men, introverts, extroverts, happy people, sad people, and somewhere in between people. There are those that use twitter as a dating site. Those that just scroll thru, never saying much themselves. Those that star every single thing you post. There are the @er’s, folks that reply to your tweets. There are those that are convinced they have found their soul mate (in a different time zone of course). But most of the time the tweets are very funny, very clever one-liners! All the things I mentioned above are told in 140 characters or less in a zingy, sarcastic way. Those that know me, well… let’s just say, I’m in my element on Twitter.

Back to the block button. For many on twitter it is like a badge of honor to be blocked. Again, I know this because I see the tweets about it. I am no different. Usually you get blocked if you have pissed someone off. Be it with your words, your opinion, or the every famous dick pic (oh the shock and horror). Calm down ladies reading this… most of them aren’t very nice to look at.

I digress, yet again.

Getting blocked, to me anyway, means that I pushed someone past their comfort zone. I made them think thoughts that they really didn’t want to think. Probably more than once. I’ve been blocked for not following someone back fast enough, or not at all (boo fucking hoo. Just because you found me funny, doesn’t mean I found you funny). I’ve been blocked by some I’ve met in real life. One even threatened to block anyone that retweeted me into his timeline after I told him it wasn’t going to work between us that he would block them too (what??? Are we in junior high for god sakes!?). I actually find it quite amusing when I get blocked. Again… like a badge of honor.

I recently discovered I have been blocked on Facebook. FACEBOOK, the land of happy people! Now granted sometimes my language is inappropriate. Or I may post something that is less than acceptable on FB (OHHHHHHH the horror to post a dark thought). This time though, I am not really sure why I got blocked on FB. I mean, I rarely post anything there anymore. And this person that blocked me used to be a friend. I say used to because OBVIOUSLY we are not friends anymore (apparently). Which I am not quite sure as to why we are not friends anymore. I did step back on the relationship after I felt I was let down not once but twice. Yes, both times I let her know that I was feeling hurt (I told you, I don’t say shit on social media unless I am willing to say it to their face).

So that block is less of a badge of honor and more of an “hmmmm”. Apparently she doesn’t want me seeing her posts. Apparently she really does not want me knowing anything. Now, I am going on assumptions here of course, because I was never told WHY. But in the grand scheme of things… it doesn’t really matter. Message was loud and clear; GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY LIFE. So I’m out. I don’t, won’t, will not beg someone to stay in my life. Sorry it ended the way it did. Sorry when I spoke my mind on my hurt feelings, you stepped out. Sorry that we are no longer even acquaintances. I really am sorry. Not for speaking my mind, but for how it turned out.

To the others that block me… it truly is a badge of honor. If you can’t handle the heat, get outta my kitchen. IDGAF

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  1. SumGuy
    November 18

    Not everyone you lose is a loss

    unless its ME….. then you fucked up!!!


  2. November 22

    I really enjoyed this post! I could really relate to it. a while back I was unfriended (I know it’s less offensive) by someone I thought was a friend and it did sting. The more I thought about it, the more I realised it was their problem and I’m free to post whatever I like on Facebook, even if it is pictures of my cat haha! Great post.

    • November 22

      Thx girl! It does sting but in the end you’re right, its my page!

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