Fear Won’t Allow Change.

As an outsider looking in, I have to tell you it breaks my heart to watch what is happening in the US.

Neighbors pitted against neighbors. Friends finding fault with friends. Racial divides. And entitlement to what is your god given right. Yes, I am well aware that I am going to piss a lot of people off with what I’m about to say next, but please keep in mind that this is simply my opinion. Just an outsiders viewpoint.

I think back to 9/11 when I sat on my couch folding laundry and hearing about the attack on the US. I also remember watching as the people of America came together to lift the flag and shift through the rubble. It didn’t matter skin color or religious belief as everyone worked side by side to help each other in those first few days. Not long after 9/11, I purchased a couple of tickets to Las Vegas for my then husband and myself. As we stepped off the plane in Las Vegas, I remember feeling quite unsettled that the army was wandering around the airport holding machine guns, finger in ready position. I was terrified. I had never in my life witnessed nor been that close to something like this. Keep in mind please that this was months after the attacks and people were starting to look at each other with suspension if they looked or acted differently.

Then there is the fact that I have a friend that refuses to leave the States in this day and age because he cannot take his firearm with him. He refuses to leave US soil because he needs a gun by his side that badly that he is unwilling to see other parts of the world. He gives up the opportunity to witness firsthand other cultures and the chance to be a part of something bigger than himself. As a Canadian, this thinking is ludicrous to me. I walk around day after day in my hometown and have never needed a firearm to feel safe at the grocery store, mall, or being out for a walk with my dog after dark. Not once, have I felt the need to have a gun on me just in case something might happen. I would like to point out that I have been to the States a number of times, all over the place and not once have I felt the need to protect myself against anyone while I was there.

Before I jump ahead to today I want to interject and say, I think the campaign that Trump ran was despicable and vile. I think Hillary is nothing more than a career politician. If the American people truly wanted change like so many are saying they do, I believe this election would have been different, and they would have chosen to write another more viable candidate on that ballot. I think neither of them belong in a position to run a country. I have no bias in writing this article.

I watch the fighting and bickering amongst yourselves and see this them against us attitude alive and thriving. If something looks differently, people feel threatened. If someone talks differently, people feel threatened. If someone thinks differently, people feel threatened. I believe that the American people have been spoonfed fear for so long, that the general population doesn’t know what it is like to live without it. Fear has worked to keep you all orderly and inline for the politicians for so long, that they know no other way to rule you. And that is now working against the very system they created because it has been turned inward on itself. People are looking at each other and using that same tactic that has been used their whole lives and questioning the motives of others.

It breaks my heart to see my American friends scared to say what is on their mind. It breaks my heart to know that friends of different skin color are frightened to go to work or out in public right now. It breaks my heart to see the hatred being spat at each other on social media. It breaks my heart to see the country below me implode. There is no boogeyman coming to get you. It doesn’t need too. You are all doing a good enough job hating each other that the boogeyman is having coffee watching you do his dirty work.

What if the majority of you were to put an end to it? No, I don’t mean protest who was elected. I mean what if the general population said ENOUGH to the way that the politicians keep you in fear. What if it started as a small movement and grew and grew out of love and respect for not only each other but yourselves as well? It can’t be changed overnight and will take years of tears and compassion. This them against us attitude did not start because Donald Trump got on a stage and said a few words to his supporters inciting violence. This hatred did not start because the majority voted to elect a man with a different skin color 8 years ago. This did not start because a woman was running for the President of the United States. No, this started many, many years ago. It all started by your leaders telling people that the ‘bad guy’ was out there, waiting for the right opportunity when you least expected it and he would attack. Look back over history and see when this began and then look to the future and decide if this is a world that we want our children raised in.

It’s time to rest my friends. It’s time to let the guard down and embrace one another. It is time to let go of the notion that the boogeyman is out there. The only way to curb fear is to become aware and to know that this fear is preventing America from moving forward. It is time to stop allowing the fear to keep people paralyzed into believing the delusions that something bad is going to happen.

The American people have been vigilant for so long, that you’ve got to be exhausted. It has got to be tiring passing this fear from one generation to the next. It has got to be tiring trying to keep watch on all angles to ensure this ‘bad guy’ doesn’t get in. As long as everyone is fighting amongst themselves, change will never happen. As long as the fire of fear is fanned, change will never happen. As long as fear is kept alive and thriving, change will never happen.

Do not let fear win again.

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Debbi Serafinchon Written by:

Just an average ordinary woman being herself on this crazy ride we call life. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I chose to bring along 4 crazy side kicks on this journey, my 4 kids. The actual realization of my journey began after my divorce. Hindsight being what it is, I realized before my divorce I was just going through the steps. My eyes are now wide open to the path ahead of me.


  1. Laydon Cooper
    November 12

    I can see why you feel the way you do. My wife and I did choose the 3rd party candidate, however media and the 2 party system would not allow the Libertarians a voice in the debates and they cannot generate enough campaign contributions to play in the league with the 2 major parties. And the American people have a 2 party system so ingrained into their beliefs, or just don’t believe a 3rd party can win that they won’t change.

    As to the people who voted for Trump, racial attitudes had nothing to do with it. I have a very few close friends, most of them I’ve known either all my life or well over thirty years. The are in no way racist or bigoted. What we are all fed up with, is governments and liberals, progressives, socialists, leftists trying to subvert our Constitution, and force they agenda down our throats. And we also sick and tired politicians using tax money as a currency to buy votes, while at the same time not doing anything for the people. We long felt our government on all levels was not listening to us and representing us as they should. Last Tuesday was a full on in their face message. “We’re tired of you, and we’ve had enough.

    As to guns and the need for them. It’s not about need it’s about a basic belief that it is a person God given right to protect themselves and government should not be allowed to infringe on those rights, and the others layed by our founding fathers. I live in a very very safe area, yet less than 15 minutes from my house 5 military men were gunned down by a radicalized young Muslim man in June 2015. Les than 5 minutes from my house this past summer a man high on drugs driving down the street shot at other vehicles on the same street my wife and I travel to go grocery shopping. Violence truly is random. That is why I carry my gun wherever I go when I’m home. Not because of fear but because there really are some bad people in the best of places.

    As to Americans fighting each other I agree the American people have been pitted against one another by the Liberal vs. Conservative narrative. But those who feel entitled make those of us who have worked hard for what we have angry. Why should one person work hard pay almost half their
    Income to government and see it given to people who are breaking the established laws of our country. That’s not racist it’s the rule of law. The American people didn’t write the law our government leaders did, but were somehow racist for wanting it to be enforced? That’s just not logical.

    As to the angry at you part… never. We’re all entitled to our opinions and beliefs and should be able share them and agree or disagree like adults. I wish my countrymen who call themselves “Caring and accepting of all people” could extend that to those who believe differently than they do…

    Laydon Cooper

    • November 12

      I’m always open to hearing others opinions and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

  2. August 21

    This is truly helpful, thanks.

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