A Lesson In Patience

Little Voice (whisper): Get ready

Me: For what?

LV: For what you’ve been waiting for.

Me: But I’m scared that I don’t know what I’ve waiting for.

LV (lovingly): Don’t be. It’s ok.

Me: I’m also excited!

LV: As you should be!

Me (pleading): Please tell me.

LV: Not quite yet. It’s almost time.

Me (anxious): But I don’t know how to prepare for something I know nothing about.

LV (patiently): Then listen more closely. I am sending you messages.

Me (worried): I’m afraid I’m missing them.

LV: You’ll hear them more clearly when you’re ready.

Me (pouting): I want to be ready now!

LV (laughs): Patience

Me (frustrated): I’m trying.

LV: I see that you are. Soon you will see it as well!

Me (scared): I’m trying to trust you

LV: I know.

Me: I feel ready.

LV: Soon. Now please, get ready.


UPDATE:  I have built off this and had this published as a full article. You can read it here.

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  1. sumguy
    January 12

    whisper to the wind and listen with your soul

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