What I Found When I Followed my Own Yellow Brick Road.

Yellow Brick Road

Dorothy is the leader who welcomes those she encounters along the way. She is convinced that the great Oz can provide what they all seek. While I have no great Oz that I am seeking answers from, I have welcomed people to join me on my journey. With each step I take, I gain confidence that I am heading in the right direction and don’t mind sharing that with whoever might be walking beside me.

 Of course, Dorothy is faced with some devious bastards along the way. I mean, flying monkeys—talk about your average, everyday problems!

But who of us hasn’t encountered evil flying monkey in our day? Living in my thoughts, these monkeys undermine me and my growth. They challenge me to turn around and head straight back to where I came from—the old me. I fight them off and persevere.

When the travelers finally get to their destination, Dorothy questions the big head in the sky giving her advice. Looking behind the curtain, she discovers it is really just a small man with a big ego trying to make his way in a world unfamiliar to him.

A favorite indulgence of mine is people watching. I would love to pull back their curtain and see just who they really are. I often find myself looking at others and wondering why they made the decisions they did—the outfit they are wearing, coffee orders, or behaviors. Not in a judgmental way, but rather more curious.


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Debbi Serafinchon Written by:

Just an average ordinary woman being herself on this crazy ride we call life. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I chose to bring along 4 crazy side kicks on this journey, my 4 kids. The actual realization of my journey began after my divorce. Hindsight being what it is, I realized before my divorce I was just going through the steps. My eyes are now wide open to the path ahead of me.


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    April 21

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    “sit tall in the saddle….
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