A little activity I need to use myself.

When my kids were younger, during summer break, I would make a rainy day jar and a sunny day jar. In each jar I would put activities we could do.

Rainy Day – Movie Day, Museum, Craft Day, Build a Fort in the Living Room, etc

Sunny Day – Picnic, a local Park, Outdoor Swimming Pool, etc

I use to love writing the activities on little slips of paper. Knowing that some of the things we had done before. Some of the things would be new and different. In the mornings when the kids woke up, they would first look out the window then eye up the jars. The excitement in their eyes as one of them would stick their hand in, wiggle it around and pull out what our activity would be for the day. Sometimes one would whine about the activity. But once we got going the laughs and fun we would have would erase the nah sayer.

As the kids got older, I stopped doing it. But I have been thinking about it lately. Why couldn’t I do that now? Write down activities or things I would like to try. Kind of like a bucket list in a jar. Each day, I could pull out what I was going to try that day. Or maybe it could be every week. On Monday morning, I could reach into the jar, excitement building over what new thing I would push myself to do that week…

What would be in your jar of activities? What would you do to push yourself? Would you put only things in your comfort zone on the little slips of paper? Or would you challenge yourself? I would put both in. Comfort zone and outside my comfort zone. Things I’ve always wanted to try. Stupid little things that sometimes we just keep putting off. The more I type this, the more I am thinking “why not?”. I don’t know about you, but I am off to decorate my jar…

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