Passing on Her Gifts

This was by far the most difficult piece for me to write. I have never thought of myself as a creative writer. I am a narrative writer. So in my mind, I had it set that I could not do this. Finally, I sat with my pen and paper and let myself write. Here it is.


Day 10 – Write a children’s story

Once upon a time, in a world so far from this one, a beautiful young girl lived. When she was young she loved to play outdoors, seeking new adventures in the forest just behind her family’s home. This world was not like ours. The trees were all different colors; purples, blues, pink and more. And the leaves were more like feathers; soft and airy when you brushed up against them. The creatures in the forest were unlike our world as well. Some hopped around like a kangaroo but had the body of a fish. Others crawled around on their hands, using their feet to pick the fruits that dangled from the trees.

Each morning, just before the 3 suns started peeking through the trees, she would pull her sleepy head from bed. Stretch. Yawn. Rummage around for something to wear. It never mattered whether her outfit matched or not. She was in far too much of a hurry to get outside and explore.

Once outside she would take a moment to breathe in the cool morning air that the suns had not yet warmed up. That is when she would feel it. The funny tingly feeling that felt like a comfort to her. As she stood, taking a deep breath in, she felt like the forest was giving her strength. It felt like her surroundings were offering her a small piece of itself to her. The young girl didn’t understand that it was indeed giving her a power. But she liked the feeling that washed over her when she did this and so she continued this each morning before she would start her adventures.

Day after day and year after year, this pretty girl would repeat this morning ritual. Then one day, when she had grown a little older, she stumbled upon a cave as she was out in the woods. She was confused. She knew this forest inside and out. How could she not have ever seen this cave before she wonder. A deep sense of curiosity filled her as she neared the entrance.

She peeked inside. It was very dark and very cold. She wrapped her arms around herself as she took a brave step inside. She couldn’t explain why, but she knew she had to look around inside this cave. The further in she got the darker and colder it became. She wondered if she should turn around, she was feeling a little more frightened the deeper she ventured into this cave. What if there was a scary creature that ate girls like her or worse!? But she felt that tingle deep inside, the same one she felt every morning. She trusted this feeling and it seemed to be encouraging her to go farther into the cave. So she boldly kept going.

Soon she saw a dim light up ahead. She stopped when she saw movement in the light. She squinted trying to get a better look. She could make out figures but not much more. She wandered in a little closer, being very quiet and small, just in case.

She saw creatures unlike her. Some bigger than her. Some smaller than her. They all seemed to walk on two 2 feet like her but she sensed something different about these creatures. They all seemed hunched over. They were all a very dismal gray. They didn’t look at each other or talk to each other. As she watched it seemed they all stayed close to each other but at the same time avoided one another.

And she could feel a deep sadness in this cave now. Not from the darkness or the cold but it seemed to be coming from these creatures. As she took one more step closer, she could feel that tingly feeling very strongly deep in her tummy. She stopped. It seemed to be trying to escape from her. She looked down at her hands, they were glowing! Now she was becoming very frightened. What was happening to her?

As she was looking down at her hands, she didn’t notice that one of the creatures had come towards her. She held her hands up to protect herself from this strange thing. And that is when it happened.

Sparks began to fly from her finger tips! Her eyes grew wide as she watched in amazement as these sparks lite up the area just in front of her, aimed towards the creature. She couldn’t move. She felt stuck in place. The creature cocked its head at her as these sparks bounced off of it. She then noticed something very odd. The sparks seemed to make this thing happy. It was losing its dull gray coloring and becoming a soft green. And it also started to straighten up, seeming to grow taller before her very eyes. And its eyes began to change was well. No longer could she see a sadness in its eyes.

And just as quickly as the sparks had begun shooting from her fingers, it stopped. She collapsed to the stone floor of the cave. This green creature came towards her. She could do nothing to stop it from coming. Before she knew it, she was being swept up in its arms. He somehow knew she wasn’t meant to be there. He carried her out to the entrance of the cave but stopped. He looked scared to venture into the forest. She softly moaned. The thing looked down at her. He took one more step outside the cave. Her lungs filled with the air from the forest and she gasped as the evening forest air filled her entire body with that tingle again.

The creature set her down. She could see now that it wasn’t scary at all. And it didn’t look sad anymore either. They stood there looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, the creature reached its hand out to her. The girl took it. She felt this overpowering sensation of happiness. She wondered if she could offer this gift to more of the creatures inside the cave.

Once she felt strong enough, she motioned for them to go back into the cave. Time and time again, she watched as the sparks flew from her finger tips and transformed these sad grey creatures into brightly colored happy souls. Each time she offered what she now knew was a gift, she felt drained and empty. But each time one of the creatures would carry her out to the forest where she would gather more strength.

On and on this went until the very last grey dismal creature had been transformed into a cheerful colorful creature. They were not scary at all. She stood and watched as they began to get close to one another. Shaking each other’s hands or hugging. And soon they starting talking to each other. They asked questions of one another. They laughed with one another. And she smiled at this.

Finally one of the colorful creatures made its way over to her. They stood looking at one another before the creature spoke to her.

“Thank you. Thank you for giving of yourself to help us break out from the spell of sadness we fell under. We will be eternally in your debt for this act of kindness.”

But the girl shook her head. “You owe me nothing. I only gave to you what had been given to me all these years. I am glad I could pass it on and see the magic turn you from sad into joyful.”

Many years later, after that young girl turned into a women with children of her own, she would take them on walks in that very forest. Hand in hand, her and her children would greet the colorful creatures as they came out from behind trees to offer fruit they had found or a simple smile.

Never again, did she find that cave.

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